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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Desperately Seeking Mojo

WHERE is this utter lack of motivation coming from?  In all my years of racing and running, I have NEVER had my mojo missing this much.  I wake up with great expectations every morning, and then pull out less than stellar workouts.  My biking has been reduced to 3 Spinning classes a week.  My poor tri-bike, hasn’t seen my rear end on her seat in over a month.  My running, which I love, and have such deep passion for has been a few measly miles, at the indoor track during the week, with the occasional long 8-mile run on every other weekend.  Seriously?  Oh, and the half-hour long, girlfriend gab sessions in the sauna a couple time a week.... that's going to help my race season!  (Although, I do love those days, girls) Where has my desire gone?  Where has the love of running everyday gone?  Where is my drive?  Last year, everyday I looked forward to training, hard!  It was even difficult for me to relax and take my much needed rest day every week.  I feel like this year, I am on “Rest Week” with one workout a week.  HA!  I am doing half-assed workouts, mosey-ing along.
I am wondering what has happened to that fire in my belly?  Anyone ever get this way?  For this long? 
I have the Avia Wildflower 70.3 at the end of April.  Not sure how I am going to pull that one out of my ass.  You would think just the mere thought of that would push me to get going.  It is NOT an easy race.  FULL of hills, on both the bike and the run.
As I sit and write this, I can hear Greg downstairs on his bike in the trainer, pounding out a two-hour ride, and then he will go onto his run.  What a great brick day. 
I am in my robe, coffee in had, on my computer, Google searching, “Paula, and her Disappearance.”  If you are on Google, by chance and find her, can you please let me know, so I can give her a swift kick in the can!  Or at the least, sprinkle a little Mojo into her coffee!

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