I am an adventure seeking wife and mother first! Travel, and endorphins are my best friends. I will try anything once, unless I know
I would be in danger. I have a crazy love of God, running, triathlon, the outdoors, dirt, wine, friends, good Vegan food, Yoga,
animals, happiness, and life! I truly believe the only limits in life are the ones set by ourselves. So get out there and expand the limits!!
~~Only she who attempts the absurd can achieve the impossible.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year

This will be my last EVER post to this blog site.  Follow me over to http://sportymamalife.com

Happy New Year

I fell off the wagon. I’m not quite sure what happened. Actually that’s a total lie, I do know. Passion was lost and a lot of life happened. My hubs, our family and I had a tremendous 2015. We lived so full! But somewhere along the lines, this blog took a chair on the sidelines. One day a few months back, my sage-like and wise hubs asked..”Why aren’t you blogging” I milled the answer around in my mind for days…swirling it like the last few sips in a wine glass before I came back to him with my answer. My tap house of creativity had bottomed out. I was too busy “doing” and not taking the downtime I needed and loved, to write. That is a recipe for disaster in a creative brain. Funny thing is; I THOUGHT I was taking down time. Now that I look back over this year, I was full steam ahead. What a great learning lesson.
I am praying for my One Word for the year (I do not do resolutions, I do a WORD) I am being patient. God always comes through on the word. I wait with great expectation and excitement for what God has in store. My word last year was Risk. Come to find out, that was a heavy word for my world, in so many horribly, wonderful ways. It was a tremendous year of risk. I embraced it, but am happy to moving forward into the New Year. I had a sweet, dear girlfriend tell me a few weeks back, to “Lean In” <to God> I’m leaning, sister. I’m leaning.
UnknownAs I go forward into the New Year, here are the things I DID take heart to. Maybe they weren’t’ being spilled out onto the pages of my blog, Facebook or other social media, but they were there. They are still there. They are still resonating inside me. Things I noticed and things I learned for 2015. If nothing else, THIS was an incredible year of learning experiences for me. And that, brings growth!
There is nothing like family.
Small things are often the biggest things of all.
Humility and selflessness are key elements to feeling truly fulfilled.
need sand in my toes.
Raising a new puppy is exhilarating, takes patience and makes you belly laugh all within a 10 second period.
True, authentic friends are everything.
When life is rough, you learn who is true. And sadly, who isn’t.
Being sick is NO joke.
Raising your last senior is heartbreaking.
There’s true joy in making snow angels.
Laughter can be a great cure.
Joy needs to happen. Every. Single. Day.
Red wine and a girlfriend can bring world peace.
God is everywhere. Just take the time to stop and take a look.
Mountains make me feel so small and incredibly enormous at the same time.images-1
A dog’s love knows no boundaries.
When you have something good, hold onto it for dear life.
Cancer sucks.
Sometimes you just have to cry.
Having a daily dance party is a necessity.
Being private pushes some people away, unfortunately.
Don’t take yourself too serious.
Puppy kisses are the BEST.
My husband is the best human I have ever had the chance to know and love.
There is nothing like having all of your kids in one place at one time.
Travel needs to happen. And often.
Don’t be afraid to do something new.
The alpine lake is cold; jump in anyway. You certainly won’t regret it.
Seek out some sort of adventure, daily.
Never allow fear to beat you.
If you aren’t absolutely happy, change.
No amount of persuasion can make me do something I chose not to do.
Giving, really only fills you up.
Comfort zones; smash them.
Generosity gives you millions.
You are WAY stronger than you think.
My laugh lines are gorgeous; it means I’ve had a lifetime of joy and laughter.
Taking care of your body is not selfish.
Doing what you love is not selfish.
Some people can be so poor that all they have is money.
You can see a generous heart a mile away. And sadly, vice-versa.
Love one another fiercely.
Have a passion.
Sadly, not everyone is a nice person.
Want exactly what you have and you will feel rich beyond anything you can imagine.
There is nothing like a Mama heart.
Just when you think your kids have gone off the deep end, they become your best friends.
Racing, running, triathlon is not who you are.
Embrace and drink in every second you can with your children.
Do the things that make your heart beat wildly and bring you happiness.
That still, small voice..listen…It’s the voice of God.
Receiving cards from friends can light up your darkness.
Smile at every stranger. They need it, or they will think you’re weird. Either way, it’s a win.
Give to the homeless and less fortunate.
Take the trip of a lifetime. You aren’t guaranteed tomorrow.
Get into an RV and travel across the country.
Take your shoes off a walk in the grass.
Remember, you are raising someone’s husband or wife.  Grow your kids accordingly.
Laugh everyday until you cry.
Being on a Panamanian island for 2 weeks with teenagers is like wrangling cats.
Treat people nicely and with respect.
Burn the nice candle.
Take lots of photos. You won’t always remember.
Go out and build the snowman.
When you’re with friends, put your phone down. Don’t waste their time, or yours.
Run in the snow, sunshine and rain.
Never sit inside on a sunny day.
You CAN live in a house with 17 people for a week and all get along…in fact, you can have the time of your life.
That thing that you’ve dreamed of doing….do it!
Your house looks great! Your friends don’t care anyway.
Really listen to people.
Drink the expensive wine.
Act goofy. Who cares?
Be yourself.  Who are you trying to impress?
Sweat. Every. Single. Day.
Commuter flights in a foreign country can be an act of insurmountable courage.
Celebrating 50 years of marriage is a HUGE milestone to be treasured.
Laugh at yourself.
When traveling, learn the local language. Even if it’s only a few phrases. The locals will love you!
Don’t ever go to bed mad at a family member.
Sing Karaoke and make a fool of yourself.
Do something this year that you thought you could not.
Give generously.
Watch the sunrise and/or sunset.  It will WOW you! Always!
Make people laugh wildly.
Risk….it was harder than I thought.

Happy Blessed 2016 images

Monday, June 16, 2014

Mumblings of a Crazy Person-Ironman Boulder Training

hill-seekerSeven weeks out from Ironman Boulder.  Training is getting…fun? Enjoyable?  Entertaining?  Monotonous? Insane?  Yep…there it is!! I'm going to give you a little peek into my mind while out on my training ride today.  The ride was only 24-miles with a series of hill repeats thrown in on Fernan saddle, which is about a 6% grade, all timed so that my legs had just enough time to start to "turn on" before I'd turn to swoosh back down at 34mph.…nothing too crazy about.

Fernan was quiet….2 cars today.  I rode from town, and out around the lake taking in its gorgeous beauty.  I have to say, that view…never gets old.  I love the winding switch backs and the smooth pavement out to the gun range, where the hill starts.  It's serene.  Peaceful even.  I was nice and warmed up by the time I got there.  Ready to attack those hill repeats! 

First repeat….this is feeling pretty easy.  I look over the hill to the gun range and take a notice to who's out there…a dad with 2 young kids, an older, graying, gentleman and his wife.  He looks like he's teaching her to shoot.  "Keep it aimed out towards the target, Mama" I think….OK, I'm started to get warm with my jacket on..that will need to be peeled off when I turn around.  Hmmm…is that a bone?  Yep!  That looks like an ulna.  Cat?  Dog?  Coyote?  Oh…theres a pelvis.  WOW!  Yes there are wild animals out here! Check the time… 

Down…turn around….Kids and Dad still there.  Wife and husband still there.  She still hasn't taken a shot.  There are the bones. "That's gotta be a femur."  I continue to climb.  A Dairy Queen straw…and the cup.  A Blizzard.  man, why do people litter.  So rude!  On this climb, of course, I start my self-talk.  Last time I made it to point X..this time, I have to make it a little further.  I'm timing 7-minute hill repeats. I am BY FAR my own worst critic.  Not the self-hating, self-punishing type of critic…but the kind of critic that gives myself pep-talks that motivate, makes me work harder, makes me pick up my cadence, sweat a little harder.  I will never work harder than when I am racing myself.  There is something that boils up inside of me, that makes me want to go the extra mile, go a little harder.  It's me..against ME!  Last time I made it to the snag, this time I blew right by her.  Snagatha Christy! 

Down, turn around.  Dad and kids are loading up to go home….the older couple…she's ready to fire, gun held up..he's out fixing the target.  Oh man…that doesn't look good.  I say a prayer.  The bones…man, what's the story with those bones?  And why? are they in the road?  There's the DQ straw…oh man! a Blizzard sounds so good right now.  Does it though?  I haven't had a Blizzard in years!  Honestly 2001 was the last Blizzard I had.  But this little gem, laying on the side of the road….perfection!  Pink toothbrush..Oh that's new.  How does a toothbrush find its way to the side of the road?  Was it tossed from a car?  Fell out from someone's belongings on the way to a camping trip?  Hmmm that would make for a weekend of bad-breath.  Was that a couch cushion?  There's that big, beautiful snag…See Ya Later! Snag! 

Down, turn around.  It's like a slow dance.  Slow it down, turn around, repeat.  The older couple…granny is poppin' em off like lightning now.  Yeah!!  She's got it!  It quiets as I head up the hill.  Bones, check.  Blizzard straw, check. pink toothbrush, check.  Yes, that IS a couch cushion, check.  Snag….hmmm there you are you broken and gnarly piece of tree…."were you struck by lightning?"  I think my legs were just struck by lightning.  Dear Paula, you decided to sign up for yet another Ironman….this is part of the pain.  Hit it girl!  I giggle to myself.  It is so quiet now.  No cars, no fire arms, no bikes, no wind….silence.  Me and my breath.  My toosh hurts….(this is another blog-post that needs to be written)  Oh my BUTT!! "Do I have my pepper spray in my Bento box?  Sooo quiet.  And beautiful.  The mountain and trees are magnificent under the sunshine.  I am always so in awe of this place we call home.  I feel blessed. 
  Down.  And up.  Grams & Gramps have left the range now, seemingly satisfied with her firearm prowess.  It's just me.  Last repeat.  Last time to make it outstanding.  I am dying to stand up….coach says, "keep the climb in the saddle."  Make this strong and remarkable Paula….again, being my own worst judge.  Don't think about the fire starting to escape through your muscles, and burning through your shorts.  This makes me think of the Fantastic Four and the Human Torch…my legs could quite possibly catch fire!  Think of how you'll feel if you give up now.  Finish this last repeat like a boss.  Do not look for your distractions on the ground.  Look up.  See the snag?  She's waving you by.  She knows that she was a one-time deal and that you would never stop at her again.  The sound of my breathing is a great sound.  It reminds me how alive I am.  It reminds me that my lungs are strong and healthy.  Capable and competent.  My mind drifts…."your great grace.."  I am WAY past my first attempt of this climb.  Past my second and third attempt.  It feels GREAT to continue up.  Further than the last.  A silent prayer escapes my lips…."Thank you for this." 


 Look at that yellow mushroom!!! 

I am WAY further up the hill!!  Nice work Lady!!  Take a selfie!

 "Get your butt home before whatever drug those bones to the road, comes out for a visit."

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Looking Up- Ironman Boulder Training

Picture taken on Fernan
Just LOOK what I may have missed…(Fernan Lake)
Trying my hardest at least once a month to catch up on here. It’s easy, when I’m not so busy, or when I’m willing to sit into the wee hours of the night (ahem morning) writing.
Ironman training is definitely in full swing now.  I shouldn't say <now> it has been.   It’s exciting and tiring, and time-consuming. It's also a reminder that I need to put into perspective that which is important.
It’s a constant challenge for anyone when training for a long endurance event. The demanding workouts; literally HOURS in the saddle, or pounding the pavement; added on top of an already full schedule of husband, kid, church, study time, reading, social time with friends, planning events…you name it. Oh, and a little down time thrown in there…
I have people ask me all the time, how it all seems to work. How do I squeeze it all in? HA… I have friends that train, have husbands and families AND a full-time job! HOW DO THEY DO THAT?
I can’t sweat the small stuff!  photo
It’s very simple for me...when I keep my priorities in check; God, husband, family …When things get out of whack…well, life gets “out of whack,” and  I am quickly reminded into which well I need to be dropping my bucket.
Last week, was a big week. First century ride (100 miles) for this training season, 4-miles of swimming, and 27 miles of running! Things are getting fun now! It all went well albeit my mind making a valiant attempt to sabotage me. Didn’t work! Thank you Jesus for my peace of mind. That long 100-mile ride and the long 15-mile run I did alone. The ride went excellent! I did a little (ok A LOT) of talking with God and myself.
Too much looking at this….
Too much looking at this….
Here I am, getting frustrated and God shows me how beautiful the mountains and lakes are, if I took a second to look up. Me: getting tired and God reminding me of the strong, capable, body He has given me. Me: sweating and hot, and God reminding me how much I had prayed for sunshine when it was cold and miserable. In the last 10 miles of that 100-mile ride…. I finally understood….it’s not about me! Life throws up all sorts of challenges.  Change your perspective.  …LOOK UP
….and not enough looking at this.
….and not enough looking at this.
I was nervous about the run.  Having done 13-miles the week prior that was a complete disaster, I was a little uneasy and unsure. A little caveat: this is why it’s SO important to work with your nutrition early on.
I poured over nutrition all week. Deciding to make a change to something new is SCARY! It is hit or miss and can cost you a great training day like last week and in some cases, it can cost you a race day. It’s hard to change a good thing. But, (BUT) things change. Our bodies change. Nutrition changes with new science and technology. So I went out again with the same nutrition I used the week prior. I understood that last weeks run needed to be let go of. It was a bad day. I was under calories for what I needed, and that’s that! A new day, a new start…. With music in my ears, giving me a new perspective and reminding me of WHO has given me my strength, the run… was quick, easy and flawless.
I am so grateful that there is a re-start button.  I am thankful for a God that allows that! -A new day will dawn on us from above because our God is loving and merciful.  Luke 1:78
He gives me promises for my life that I need to worry over nothing.
photoWhat can I do with Him?  He doesn't promise a few things..He promises ALL THINGS.
I simply need to look up!