I am an adventure seeking wife and mother first! Travel, and endorphins are my best friends. I will try anything once, unless I know
I would be in danger. I have a crazy love of God, running, triathlon, the outdoors, dirt, wine, friends, good Vegan food, Yoga,
animals, happiness, and life! I truly believe the only limits in life are the ones set by ourselves. So get out there and expand the limits!!
~~Only she who attempts the absurd can achieve the impossible.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Every Day a Valentine

Love is….

A fiery sunset that you watch together
A road trip full of adventure and laughter
Making sand footprints for each other to follow to the heart drawn on the beach
Staring into one another’s eyes and feeling like you could jump into their liquid blue and swim forever
Giggling into the wee hours of the morning in bed
Cooking together
Coffee first thing in the morning
Still blushing and butterflies, when he tells you that you look amazing after a sweaty work out
Back rubs and French kisses…and then….. sleep
Summer hikes that lead to skinny-dipping
Silence, but still hearing one another’s hearts
Jumping off the couch, to run outside into a summer rain.  Just to dance in the yard
Sobbing in the shower when you know his flight just took off and you miss him…already
Finding the one person that loves everything you love, and enjoys everything you enjoy
Sweaty hand holding at the movies
Dinner and candles on the floor, by the fireplace
Our children
Your favorite flower, shipped from Europe, because they are out of season in the U.S.  for a special day
Hidden surprises
Sticky notes found around the house
Laughing until your stomach hurts
Food fights
Taking the road less traveled, together
Putting the others needs in front of your own
Extending grace
That perfect nesting place for your forehead when you need a good cry
Slippery showers together
Learning something new together
Forgiving one another for being flawed
Being quick to listen, slow to speak, and slower to become angry
Praying together
Knowing that just around the corner, could be the adventure of a lifetime…and walking around the corner, to hit it head on
A Daddy that will stay up late, tired, after a trip, to rub our daughters feet
Staying up to watch a sunrise
Love making, with reckless abandon
Surprise dinner dates
Forgiving the unforgivable
Someone knowing you almost better than you know yourself
Knowing the right words of comfort to say, when you’ve had a hard day
Trust to the depths of your soul
Flirting with one another
Secrets that you would share with no one else
Being a good spiritual partner
Being spontaneous
Touches that set your skin on fire
Looking at one another like you are the only two people on the planet…. and feeling that way
Inside jokes
Lifting one another up, when you are in the deep end
Not caring what anyone else thinks of your passion
Being best friends
Love is: exciting, unconditional, soft, vulnerable, forever
It is: comfortable, sexy, secure, fun and sometimes scary
It’s knowing that this person has walked into your life and made you realize why it never worked out with anyone else.

Knowing wholeheartedly, a love that endures forever

~The word - love - appears 310 times in 280 verses in the Bible.  There’s a reason for this
It’s important
It’s vital
It’s essential

~~Instead of one day…shouldn’t every day be Valentines?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Little Piece of Central Park in Idaho

My husband is out of town.  It’s like a shift in the Universe.  My schedule has to mold into a different shape.  My partner in crime, no longer here for a few days to help out.  My teammate has left the field.
My independence comes out after the initial changes.  I soon realize that I can do what I want with these few days.  Eat popcorn and sherbet for dinner in bed with my snuggly cub, workout when I feel like it, monopolize the DVR shows, stay up until dawn reading without feeling like I might disturb him with my book light.  My workouts vary.  Missing a class this morning, only to get in a fabulous long run.  I work out hard, mad with his travel, and then hit that runners high, feeling on top of the World and then into almost tears from my achy heart.  It’s only a couple of days.
It is a muscle, the heart.  It feels a little weak and torn down when his office sits empty.
My morning coffee, cold in the pot, and not on my night stand first thing.
The trash…oh yah, put the trash on the curb.  I think I hear the truck.
Will I have to GET GAS in my car?  The horror!
Did I feed the dogs?
Things I think about on my run.  Then I let the mental list go.  And just run!
Today I ran, thinking about running in Central Park, where he is.  I am running hard.  Hills.  Angry, New York City, music pumping through my IPod.  I felt strong.  Imagine I am running in a Nike commercial.  I am drenched in sweat and heat and humidity.  My legs become heavy, tight with tired muscles, and I push just a tiny bit more.  I love when my run feels like that!!  I love when I can visualize so much that I can hear the traffic, smell the city.  And when I stop, my body is completely used up.  With nothing left.  
Now, I have an entire day to my self.  Girls are gone, Grandma is picking up today from school for a little celebration!  This is the unhinged moment, because as much as I miss the G, I also adore these days as well.
Showered off of sweat after my Central Park run, there is silence.  Absolute silence.  Time to read, bake some goodies, try out some new recipes, have some great prayer time, talk to an old friend, walk my Yorkie, lay on my living room floor at my back door when the sun is just right, streaming through the window to heat my skin, take a bubble bath.
A whole day of me!
I do sneak a few peaks into his office….

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Carpe Diem Run

YES, it was one of those days!!  One of those winter days in Coeur d'Alene that we all love.  All look forward to.  After snow, and grey, comes the sun.  And it was stunning.  Six mile run with a perfect blue sky, and that gorgeous ball of yellow and orange reaching down out of the sky to kiss our cheeks.  Fingers long with warmth.  A seize the day, seize the moment kind of day.....and we did!!

~“Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the 'Titanic' who waved off the dessert cart.” 
 Erma Bombeck