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Monday, January 30, 2012

Virtual Run for Sherry Arnold

As per the usual, many runners, including myself get up early, before the sun is up, or as it is rising, to get our beloved run in.  We don't have many thoughts, other than putting on the clothes we have laid out, lacing up our shoes, grabbing our fuel belts, spibelts, water, and we are off.  Out the door to greet the day.  Our only thoughts are the sounds of our feet pounding on the pavement, the sounds of our breath...its our favorite time of day.
I personally never give a whole lot of thought to anything else, certainly not that tragedy could strike.  On January 7, 2012 the running community lost a special person.  Sherry Arnold.  A teacher, a mother, a wife.  A runner.  She left her home this morning on a run, and the events that took place that morning are tragic.  They set me back when reading about it.  Taking for granted life, which is so precious.  Taking for granted the "safe" place I feel like I run.
I followed fellow runner, and blogger Shut Up + Run (read the story here) as the events played out.  This is her cousin.  It has been heart breaking.  It has rocked the running community to its core.  
It has given me every known emotion.  First shock, then great sadness for her family, her school and students, her community, then anger, fear, uneasiness and apprehension about running on my own.
What now??  What can we do as a running community?  On Feb 11, 2012 there will be a Virtual Run/Walk to honor Sherry.  I urge you to participate.  

Facebook Page: Here
Printable Bib: Here
More info: Here

Gather a group of friends, your running group, your Tri group, your training group, your group of girlfriends and walk, run, hike, skip, jump.  Print your bib, and GO.  Run with Sherry in your memory.  Honoring her, and her family!!

Be safe out there.  Never take a day for granted.  Every single day is a gift.  And may Sherry forever be in our hearts and minds, and may she be resting in Peace.

***For us local runners, there will be a group of us running together from Fleet Feet on the morning of Feb 11, 2012

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