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Monday, May 23, 2011

Allergies can kiss my a$$!!

Since Mother’s Day, and the last time I wrote a blog, I have been a bit funky…not stinky from sweat, funky, just feeling weird, and different…and OK before ANY of you say that I am always weird and different, Y E S…but this weird and different, is…weird and different from the norm.
I have been dealing with some horrible allergies, which I have never in my life had before now.  In all of my life, I have been pretty healthy and well.  Rarely having colds, or flu, never having to take antibiotics.  So when all of a sudden I wake up one day, with a huge puffy, red, face and eyes, I was like, WHHAAAA??? Several weeks of this was getting bothersome.  And I am not normally a “bothersome” person. Acupuncture helped it tremendously, but it kept going away and coming back, and quite frankly I was getting a little upset.  Plus, I just wasn’t “feeling right” I decided to try another Dr, at the request of a friend.  Wow!  Ok, evidently I had some sort of bacterial infection.  From what?  I may never know.  Just a virus.  Non-contagious.  I just trust those, that know better than I, and since I do not have a degree in any sort of medicine/health, I decided to go with that.  Also, had some allergy testing done. Conclusion to that was that have a wheat allergy.  Ok, here’s the deal.  I am already Vegan, eating no meat, fish, poultry dairy, eggs, or anything coming from animals.  Butter, cream cheese, ranch dressing, sour cream, baked goods with eggs…nothing.  So wheat….wheat is quite a staple of mine.  Along with my fruits and veggies, I eat pastas, and breads, all containing, you guessed it, WHEAT.  Ok, this one took me a few days to digest.  I immediately went to searching wheat free meals, alternatives etc.  I don’t have a Gluten allergy, just wheat, which was nice because there are a lot of delicious other grains out there to work with.  Whew!  So, the past 2 weeks, I have been trying really hard to get off the wheat.  I guess I took for granted the fact that it creeps its way into everything.  Even my Vegan black bean burgers contain wheat.
Fast forward to last week.  Face is looking great, and Wednesday, I wake up with spots, like Chicken Pox under my arms, and on my thighs.  Seriously?  Seriously?!!
Thursday, rolls around and I am covered, from collarbone to the bottom of my feet.  Not itchy, just a GAZZILION “chicken pox-y” looking spots.  I am Googling rashes.  Measles, chicken pox, shingles, dengue fever (ok, I was just in Costa Rica for 3 weeks) however, I had no fever, no symptoms of anything, other than a million, gazillion non-itchy spots.  This was getting me down.  I was really feeling horrible.  My workouts ceased from Wed on, which really bums me out, and I was just in a bad place mentally.  I had kind of “had it!” at this point.  I go another doctor, per request of another friend.  Guess what he finds????  A strawberry allergy.  Kill me now!  I LOVE strawberries.  And all berries.  When testing with the 1st Dr, he went through the most “common” allergies, and didn’t touch on fruits.
I just wanted to cry.  And in my mind, I cannot comprehend, how, in all my life I have never had an allergy, and now….TWO, major allergies (well major to me) and…just all of a sudden!!  Although, four different Dr’s have confirmed that you can develop allergies to anything at any time.  Even to pets you have had for years.
Strawberries and wheat.
This story doesn’t end here.  Friday, I woke up, with even more spots and speckles, and was on the verge of tears…Greg, my sweet, sweet hubs (man this guy puts up with me…LOL) tells me to see one more Dr.  YES…I am the ever-doubting Thomas.  In my whole life, I have not seen so many Dr’s.  Just my regular check up, but other than that, Dr free! So off we go, to yet another.  He then refers me to a Dermatologist, because he tells me, “I have never seen anything like this” What the heck?  Dude…thanks for freaking me out even more.
Off to the Derm.  And this is where this gets funny…to me anyway.  He says,…”Oh, this is an allergy” Maybe to the massive quantities of strawberries I have consumed in the past weeks in my Vitamix (which is a WHOLE other blog) He tells me to lay off the strawberries….really, duh. And to take a Claritin. 
I am sorry Greg, that I have seen 40 doctors and have spent who knows how much $$ to confirm the allergies.  My bad!    

Saturday came, and my face looked fantastic, and my spots were disappearing.  I woke up feeling like I had a new lease on life.  Seriously!  Ask my running girlfriends.  We met Saturday morning for a much-needed 7-mile run in the sun, and I stepped out of my car, fist pumping, and ready to dance a jig.  Which I think I actually did!  I felt like the weight of the World (to me anyway) had been lifted.  I guess, never being sick with anything, and then having all of this at once, was a lot on me.
I ran on Saturday, and it felt glorious.  My legs stretching.  The sun shining.  The fresh air. The birds.  The beautiful lake.  The buzz of Ironman in the air.  The great company I have with the most Bitchen friends!
The strawberries, I am in mourning about.  They are my favorite fruit.  The wheat….I am working on, but doing pretty good.
I feel great today, and have a lot to be thankful for, and to look forward to.  Another awesome, sweaty run today.  For ALL of my leopard spots to be gone, for good.  For my homeschooling year to be close to an end (YAY Alli, you ROCK) and for our upcoming trip to San Francisco on June 2nd with friends for the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon.  I am really looking forward to this.  San Francisco is one of my favorite cities, plus sometimes it just feels good to be back in my home state of CA.  Ironman Coeur d'Alene is close, and I cannot wait to cheer on all of my great friends this year.  Ironman Canada in August, and signing up for my first IM out of the country, and Kona…..oh Kona, and the Ironman World Championships, I cannot wait for you! (This will be our 1st time in Hawaii) Also, all of the fun races coming up this summer!!

Seems that when you rid yourself of allergies, and can open your eyes…things look pretty great!  HAHA!  I can live without a few (million) strawberries, I suppose!!  Sniff Sniff!

Gotta Go!  

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