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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A real pain in the.....

Time off has to be the HARDEST thing about training and racing.  I talk to some people that LOOOVE their days off.  I do not.  Never have.  I was just talking to a training partner of mine about the 3-week taper we have for Ironman, THREE weeks.  This will be the longest taper I have ever done.  God help me.  I don’t taper well.  I get crabby, anxious, moody, lethargic, and a little depressed.  I wander around my house wondering what to do with my day.  Especially after my long training weekends, which are now up to 6-7 hours on Friday & Saturdays and climbing.  Having to go down to 4 hours and less….. That will be horrible for me. Complete torture.
Another time off issue I have is for injuries.  Which I am in the process of this week.  For 2-3 weeks now I have been having a calf issue.  Not sure what happened.  During my ½ IM I felt a small Charlie Horse cramp, which subsided after a bit, but has now decided to take up permanent residency in my inner left calf.  What the heck?  I have asked Charlie to leave now, that he was an uninvited guest.  That he could mosey his little self to someone else, or better yet, just take a hike...but NO!!....for some reason, he is loving my calf as a vacation spot. 
 I am having regular, weekly massages, icing it, rolling on my roller, using my Stick on it, wearing my compression socks, but to no avail.  This week, I decided I needed to take it easy.  PFFT!  And now, here we are on Wednesday, and I am going crazy.  My workouts have slowed. I am swimming and biking, but haven’t run since Saturday when I did 12 miles.  I KNOW, I KNOW…friends say this is ok, but really it is making me want to scream.
I am seeing a guy tomorrow that has some type of “magic” he is going to use on it.  I am at my wits end.  Ready to try anything.  Acupuncture, voodoo spell (HA!) calf replacement…..Ok I am getting out of line, but really?  Why now?  And why is it so hard for me to take a rest?  I am like a crazy person with an addiction.  Only mine is to running. 
I am really trying to stay positive about this, and know it will turn out fine.  I will continue onto race day, pain or no pain, but want to be feeling in tip-top shape.
My question to all of you is how do you get through these days?  Be it, from an injury, or a taper?  How do you occupy that time and space in your mind?  And I am willing to take any suggestions on the calf.  So if you have some advice please tell me.  I am willing to listen to anything…..unless you tell me “more time off!!”


  1. Thank you vising Costa Rica, very nice post.

  2. Hey Paula! Thanks for visiting my blog. Love your blog(as I read some of it on my lunch break). Sounds like you and I were made from the same mold...i HATE rest days and i HATE tapering days with a passion. I can probably count my rest days in the last 12 months, on one hand and still have a couple of fingers left over. Mind you, I don't go all out every single day but I'm a big believer in active rest days. I hope your calf lets up soon. Have you ever had that happen before?

  3. I try really hard to not think about running. However that does not really work. The other thing that works for me is to try and get into biking, it is not the same but it is something. And remember that if you do run it might make it worse and it will take longer to heal (this is the only thought that is keeping me from saying screw it and going for a run.
    Hang in there I hope you calf gets better really quick and I know you will do great on the IM.

  4. Boooo Charlie!!! I suggest jigsaw puzzles, horseshoes or croquet if you wanna get outside, learning a new musical instrument (my poor guitar only comes out when I'm injured lately)! Get a hobby, woman! And feel better soon. :)

  5. I'm sorry about your calf! I really hope it gets better soon!

    I like training, but I actually like taper time because it gives me more time to do other things other than train. I can do more things with my boys, get stuff done around the house, and do fun errands for myself. :)

  6. Hi!
    first...so excited for you and idaho IM!! w/the calf...my left calf hurt for a while too, and it stemmed from ultimately having plantar fasciitis. i know, crazy, but my calf muscle was compensating for the strain of that. my feeling is, have it just looked at by a doctor. b/c i was misdiagnosing myself, and once i had the doc look and tell me what was up...it's been getting better.

    long comment, but just wanted to share;-)