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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Undies, and friends, and swimming OH MY!!

Doesn’t everyone run in his or her underwear?  Ok, maybe not.  This day was definitely a highlight for us in Kona.  The “famed” Underpants Run down Ali’I Drive.  Nothing like getting’ in your undies with your best friends, and…running.  This event didn’t disappoint.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect, as we gathered down at Pacific Vibrations on Thursday morning.  A few of us…..a few hundred.  All ages, sizes, shapes, nationalities.  One thing in common, the Undies.

Gotta love friends that race in Undies!!

Look who we found out on his bike during the Underpants Run....Macca!!

We ran a little loop around the downtown, stopping at the pier to do some calisthenics.  Flex our muscles.  Do some lunges, jumping jacks, flex our muscles again.  Check our heart rate.  All in fun.  I was surprised at the spectators that lined the streets of Kona to give all of us a “shout out!”  Cheering and clapping, with cameras ready.  It was hilarious!  

We spent the day before Ironman at Hapuna Beach, which is north of Kona.  A beautiful white sand beach.  I was relaxing, with gorgeous turquoise water.  We did some boogie boarding, but just really took it as a day to relax and catch some rays in the Hawaiian sun.
Hapuna Beach

There are so many activities during the week leading up to Ironman it is amazing.  Book signings, pictures and Q & A times with the athletes, the expo was 2nd to none, and the Swag was incredible.  I came home with more free stuff than I knew what to do with.  And of course, the Parade of Nations was amazing.  Each represented country, marching down Ali'i Drive, with their flags, and banners.  You could just feel the energy of the athletes.  The athlete banquet was top notch.  A Hawaiian Luau, with hula and fire dancers, and a huge buffet.  They really know how to pump up the racers. Painting the streets of Kona!

Race morning came, and we were so excited!  We went down early to get a good viewing spot on the sea wall for the swim.  Sitting there, thinking how surreal it was being there watching the Big Kahuna of triathlon racing brought tears to my eyes.  Watching the swimmers come out into the water for the start gave me butterflies.  And the cannon going off, made me gasp for air!  It is something I will never forget.

Ready for a 2.4 mile swim.

.......And they're OFF!!!


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