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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

I let this blog go too long, between writing.  Especially in the summer, when I am running around having fun, and not sitting down to take care of it.
Summer is in full swing here in beautiful Coeur d’Alene (I think) and it is gettin’ busy!  Filling up with fun nights downtown with friends, dinners al fresco, camping, SUP, beach days, hiking, boating, you name it!  I feel like summer is my down time, but at the same time I am busier than ever….but in a fun way!  Our warm weather is way too short to not FREAK OUT in the sunshine every chance I get!!

Two weeks ago, a bunch of crazy girls and I went down to Portland, Oregon to run the Fueled By Fine Wine ½ Marathon.  We did this race last year with a smaller group of girls, but as word spread, we had a much larger group representing the 83815.  We had a BLAST!  The drive over was a blast, and full of giggling between my friend and I.  It included a stop at the Naked Winery.  Our favorite place to stop in Hood River (and our favorite wine club) They always treat us so great!  Their wine is incredible…I cannot get enough of it.

 Naked Winery with Alicia, Brenda & Dee

The day before the race we spent the day in Pacific City hangin’ on the beach, watching surfers (ummmm….even in a wetsuit that H2O is FREEZING) having lunch, and climbing the Dune of Death!

Such a great day!  After getting back we met the rest of our group for dinner at the ever-fabulous McMenamins.  Some of our girls spent the day making an amazing drive while supporting the boys on their Seattle to Portland Bike Race!  They did such a great job!  Rode over 200 miles in one day, and were still up for a fun dinner with us!  Great job C & B!!  You two ROCK!!

The WHOLE gang together representing the 83815 at McMenamins

The race itself was hard and hilly.  Oh man, those hills!  We had such a great time, taking pictures along the way, laughing, and running through the vineyards.  The views were spectacular, as always!  That race is just top-notch!  And of course with the whole Tiffany and Co theme and prizes, great swag, awesome race shirts and medals, how could you NOT want to race, right?  I am hoping that next year they raffle one of those beautiful Range Rovers that are parked there and are race sponsors.  Hint Hint!  This has become, in the last 2 years one of my favorite races to run.  It is a tough course.  Very challenging.  This year, we took our time.  No agenda for a good pace.  And with a couple of injured friends, we looked at it as a “fun time together” no pressure.  It was certainly not my fastest ½ marathon, but possibly one of my most memorable! 

Girls just wanna have fun!

Post race, we headed for lunch and spent the afternoon wine tasting at some amazing vineyards in the Dundee Hills.

At Four Graces

Heading home Monday, we took our casual time.  Hiking Multnomah Falls, which was so breathtakingly beautiful and of course stopped in Hood River to get "Naked" again!!  

It was so nice to have such great friends all around, and great bonding time.  Can’t wait for next year!!

Nice Bling

This was on the car ride over!!

 All finished and ready for wine!  GREAT job Kim on your first 1/2 marathon finish!!

Kim, Me, Natalie & Alicia

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  1. Looks like fun times! I've actually been to McMenamins and will probably be there next month. I'm driving with my family from Seattle to Seaside Oregon for my niece's dance competition. And, I have to say I *love* the Naked sign! Cheers!