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~~Only she who attempts the absurd can achieve the impossible.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Choose Your Own Adventure

This is always my favorite time of year!  Spring is in the air, the sun is getting warmer, Daylight Savings time is starting, the Groundhog has spoken!!!!
….And we are OUTTA HERE!  
Just when I think I quite possibly can’t take another day of looking out to the gray days, the vacay arrives!!  The next window I will be looking out of is from an airplane landing in San Jose, Costa Rica.  Then we are off to our little slice of Heaven!  We will hop into our teeny, tiny little car and make our way over to Esterillos Oeste for three weeks of blissful sunshine, and sand.

I am finishing my packing today.  Picking and choosing what I will want.  The hardest part is what to wear on the plane.  Every year this is an issue.  I leave here, where there is snow on the ground, a 20 degree chill in the air, to get on the plane where I am always frozen, only knowing when we exit that plane, that sweet, hot, sultry humidity will hit me like honey molding around my body.  I will immediately start to sweat, and forget all about the cold weather at home and will want to start what I always call, “the big peel” Peeling our clothing off, layer by wintery layer.

I cannot wait to be back!  I say it time and time again, but this place changed who I used to be.  Maybe that is why I always love going back.  Each time I loose things I dislike about myself, and bring back only goodness.  The people and the culture teach me different things each time I am there.

I cannot wait to smell that country, where there is always a smell of Sandalwood and Lavender.   Cannot wait to feel the heat.  Cannot wait to just relax, have no schedule, laugh uncontrollably with Greg and Alli about the adventures we always seem to find ourselves in. Can't wait to teach Alli about something new, and allow her to work on her Spanish.  This is my time to re-charge my soul’s battery!!  But for today, I pack, I fuss over airplane attire, I make sure the kiddo has her passport and swimsuits, make sure my house is in order, and I thank God for the opportunity to visit this amazing little country.

 I have learned by now, not to make any plans before we arrive.  People ask all the time what we will be “doing” for 3 weeks.  We never go with a “plan” We are always swingin’ by the seat of our pants, but always have the best time, and find the most amazing things to do.  It is different every day!  Every time we have a plan, they change, so now we make our own adventure as we go along.  It’s like the books I used to read as a kid.  Choose Your Own Adventure…. do we turn right or turn left??  Each way will be incredible and new, and will give us the most excellent memories.
So off we go…wonder what turns we will take along the way??

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  1. Hey Paula! I'm your newest follower! Costa Rica sounds like an awesome adventure to me. I hope you have a blast. It looks like you have a half-ironman coming up soon. I'm doing one in August. I'll think about you training as I do too. Have a blessed day.